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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lost To Find My Lot: A poem

Auzubillahi minas syaitanir rajim Bismillahirrahmanirrahim... Assalamualaikum... 

Lost To Find My Lot

Lost in a world, that scares me to death, 
Lost in a crowd I’m losing my breath, 
Lost as a kid, lost as an adult.

I feel everything is falling apart and its my fault
Lost as a person, cant find my way 
Lost in life every day, Lost in worry
Who am I? 

I’ve lived a Lie
Lost to Kindness, 
Lost to Love 
Lost in the sky, 
Like a lonely dove
Lost in thought which I shouldn’t do 
It Winds me up, 
I can’t get through.

Lost to comfort all kind words 
Lost to advice that isn’t heard 
Lost to those who really care? 
All these people always there.

Lost in Me, I need a break
Lost in wonder which road should I take? 
Lost in a place I don’t know well
Where are you now? 
There’s no one to tell.

Lost here all alone To break these walls 
Lost in mind
Lost in soul.

Lost memories, there just a hole 
Lost family, lost my place
Still yet I’m full of hate

Lost in boredom think I’ll leave
There’s a lot in life I need to achieve.

Olivia Braun

 Terima kasih, Thank You, Syukran, Arigato, Shieh Shieh, Rumba Nandri, Kamsahamnida for reading this entry. Please do come again.

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Terima kasih, Thank You, Syukran, Arigato, Shieh Shieh, Rumba Nandri, Kamsahamnida: Komen anda sangat dialu-alukan dan dihargai :)

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