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Monday, May 07, 2012

Today's word: Instagram :)


I was planning to write this post last week, but could not make it, bit preoccupied I must say :)...

How to put this hmmm, hahaha...bit akward, not a good writer...

Well firstly, I like to read articles.  I like to browse other people's blog a lot, and usually when I read, I do smart read which means I didn't read the whole things.  I do selective reading in the articles itself, which as long I get the main idea. Hmm...not a good habit I guess, learn some lesson last week. :) Thank you.

So anyway, this words I found in one of the articles that I read, which at first I didn't see, when someone mention it then I read again from the start then I notice the word, see how my selective reading done to me...hahaha...shame on me...:D

Well the word today is Instagram...What is that?

If reader knows then you are so lucky that you did not stuck like I am, I must say I must have been stuck under that rock for the passed 2 years : p cause I never heard bout it.

So what I did, I just did like always do, google it..it is not so hard to find. I try to open Instagram social network at my PC office and of course it doesn't suprise me at all when  it is block :( .

Well luckily intsagram blog is not block: Instagram) I can see the examples. It's cool and fun, at least for me, cause I like looooveeesss to look at pictures... :)

@tonyhawk - Skateboarding
Well what is it?

It is a free photo sharing application which allows insta users to shares their photos on Instagram‘s social network as well as  any other social networking services (Blog, Facebook...etc).

You take a photos, apply a digital filter (variety choices to choose) to it and share it, sounds like easy as an ABC.

At first it was only supported on IPhone or Ipad (no wonder I didn't know, not really an 'I person") but after that it was supported on Android camera phone, and it become much more famous, and also Facebook.

What makes it is so cool is that its allowed you use your camera phone (that you always have with you) to instantly capture the moments (people on the street, foods, sunset, etc) everything that you saw everyday or at that particular moment and can easily to be edited and produce an awesome pictures (without your DSLR, Polaroid Camera) and easily shared it with your family and friends.

~Magic Moment easily and quickly shared without the hassle of editing and transfer~ :)

So there, hope the info is helpful for you and for me. Enjoy using your Instagram. ^__^


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