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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What is love?…from a friend

An ode on love

"What is love?" This question often occurs to me.
Is it a feeling, an emotion, or just a tendency?

Love surely deals with the matters of the heart,
But the mind, too, plays an important part.
Love has no limit, nor has it any bound,
Those knowing love, know the soul’s profound.

Love is not just an ordinary feeling,
Once you find it, it’s vital for your being.
Love brings along joy, and also little pain,
It has a few losses but lots of gain.

Love has no causes, nor valid reasons,
Nor does it change like any of the seasons.
Love involves emotion, it needs understanding,
It is not the outcome of any preplanning.

The true meaning of love is not as simple as it’s definition,
Neither are words enough to give its explanation.
To know what is love, it needs to be felt,
That’s how I’ve known, why love is simply, the best ……………..

loving someone…

loving your parents…

loving your family…

loving yourself,

loving your religion…

love to prophets…


oommiijee unknown&lost

1 comment:

  1. laily..kita tak dapat bak baca blog awaklah..gelap sangat..ubahlah kale font die..hehehe (March 1st 2006 by CD)


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