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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

today_in _history


today in history again…i lost my thumdrive…arghh…and such a foolish i didn’t have any back up…argh…why i’m so careless…i was too confident with me….always think that i’m not that careless…haiya..ano…anyway its such a long time i didn’t write in this blog…woah…i take a long holidays…what a break and rest i thought….well it is not…hands full…guess what my village was flooded…alhamdulillah my house did not affect…but the most worst happen is that no water sources…alhamdulillah there is a well that my father build long time ago…yosh…bbbrrrrrrrrr so cold the water..hehehe…erm during my stay at chenor what happen..erm yeah…selamat pengantin baru pada epul and anis…biarpun aku tak gie…sal rase macam tak dijemput. hehehehe..and also to farahana and hubby selamat pengantin baru ey….yeterday well..something happen..and i wonder whether that person is the person i think of…Dscf0474

hhahaha…but then of course its nothing ey….

anyway hope the best for tomorrow…may be my thumdrive would be found..hemm

p/s: just receive my confirmation letter..congratulations to me…am i happy?!

missing somebody that are not even exist….. : (

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Terima kasih, Thank You, Syukran, Arigato, Shieh Shieh, Rumba Nandri, Kamsahamnida: Komen anda sangat dialu-alukan dan dihargai :)

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