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Monday, September 11, 2006


There are two people that live in each one of us. One of their names is "Success" and the other’s is "Failure". They are always talking to you but sometimes, one is yelling louder than the other.

Unfortunately, it is usually Failure. No matter what you try to achieve, he yells out, "failure, failure". Most of us listen and are inclined to give up.

But if you fight against that voice and never give up, you will always find that "Success" will catch his breathe right when you need it the most. He will yell out in a triumphant voice, "You’re a winner, you can do it". If you always allow successful thinking to energize you, you will find that soon "Failure" will fall off your shoulder. NEVER GIVE UP!"

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Terima kasih, Thank You, Syukran, Arigato, Shieh Shieh, Rumba Nandri, Kamsahamnida: Komen anda sangat dialu-alukan dan dihargai :)

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