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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Travel log to Sabah 31st Julai until 2nd August 2009...^_^

30 Julai 2009


- walk to LRT station, naik train to Masjid Jamek, no many people in LRT, when arrive at KLCC station, there one guy that is so sweet ^_^, and yes he's looking at me...hahaha...what a nice moment.
- arrive at Masjed Jamek arround 10.45pm, missed train to Sri Petaling that headed to Bandar Tasik Selatan.
- I have think deep enough that I need to let him go, it is the best things to do, I know deeply and strongly believe that it s the right thing, "sigh"...
- 11.00pm, at Chow Sow Lin, took wrong train and have to wait another train to Bandar Tasik Selatan.

31 Julai 2009

- arrive at rumah ida

-sedara ida hantar ke LCCT

-nora left her wallet in car, panic!!!, the nice check in guy told us to make report to police station.

-at Police station nora make report, during at that time trying to see A...

-settle checkin nora dapat card, we all move forward to P9, i've called A... kalau sempat nak jumpe...heheh ida yang sungguh suruh aku call...kalau ikutkan malehnya aku....macam dia taknak jupa ajer aku..takde kesungguhan langsung....

-Jupe A for the frist time, tinggi kurus berbanding aku...;p..well rasa macam biasa aja...hmmm

- walk to the Air bus, masa take offf quite an experience taaaaaaaaakut...kekekeke...thanks to kak nora...the
view is awesome Subhanallah...^_^, a bit shaking i hold firmly nora's hand, Subhanallah wa Allhamdulillah wa Allahuakbar, the cloud are so white and looks likes ice...
-Time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep........ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZ....^_^

-sampai di Kota Kinabalu Airport.

-breakfast at KK airport nasi lemak, then naik city bus. 90 sen only...^_^..then arrive at city, walking finding city park inn hotel okay rest time...^_^

-walk to Central Market, shopping at Handicraft market, Filipino market and salted fish, buy a new souvenier for mak and encik, sisters and brothers.

-tea drink and walk back to Inn

- God bro and sis of Cik yang belanja makan n jalan2. Yay!!! ^_^, blanja makan di Pak Din ikan bakar, a very famous place for seafood grill, Yummy. They brought us to 1 Borneo jalan2, kinda like Pavilion and midvalley. Drop by at Tun Mustafa Menara.

- Jumpe kawan idan namanya Huda and dia punya boyfriend....she is very chattery person but poor girl kena chicken pox. Both of them are very committed to bring us site seeing to Waterfront,

-then 12am go back to City park Inn, the place okaylah though sebelah ada karaoke nPub...whoopsie...huhu
(arghhhhhhhh...both of them sms at the same time, i don't mind bout the A (well the truth is no chemistry) but E, gosh u already engaged rite, and you choose her over me right then no need to talk anymore ...so stop it!!!) but then again my heart ar so soft to reject or even not to reply smses....:(
-I really do get it now, the way they look/appearance are not the most important thing!!! yes soalnya terletak pd hati....

1st August 2009

-wake up, take a shower, huda (kawan ida) called ida a bit late....

-breakfast at Chinese Restaurant (halal)...hehe

-bertolak pergi ke Kinabalu park. go to the first port to Mount Kinabalu, so only 500 meter daki, then go straight to Poring Hot spring, canopy walk and berendam air panas. Jalan2 disana.

-Fowzan (bf huda kawan ida) driving back to KK, the view is so nice, saw Kundasang area Hills that full with vegetables. The area of KK park are so breathtaking. The road are kinda suitable for drifters, ranau to Kundsasang - To KK park, the road is quite dangerous.

- Kami melalui Kundasang, just woke up from sleep, after one hour sleep, 4 orang dibelakang. Dari Kundasang, melalui Ranau, melalui Tamparuli, dn Pelabuhan Menggatal. Huda bawa berjalan2 di Bandar dalam kereta.

-arrive at City Park Inn, shower, solat then go for reflexology and dinner.

-Dinner nasi Goreng ayam at night market, tepi laut best!!! n the best part ABC kinabalu ada macaroni dalamnye, weird plus unique.

-time for foot reflexology

-continue jalan2 di nite market, can't shopping not enough money...:(

-go back browisng at teh pictures...A sms but my heart is so heavy to answer...hmm n also E...erks

2nd August 2009

-sleep tired, argh...E..please stop, u now is not appropriate....grrr...

-wake up but sleep back, subuh around 6.15am a bit late for KK actually...:(...was fash and go too Gaya Sunday Super Market until 11.00am

-back to City park Inn, kemas semua barang, balance in Wallet exactly RM5, huhuhu, banyak hutang dekat other people, Gaya Sunday Market is full of creativity, ethicity and unique n plus weird...^_^

- Check out from hotel, have to take a cab to KK airport, Huda can't sent us back, her fever is very back.

-our last meal is KFC in KK airport, hahaha, borrow from ida...

-we check in first, the we go to musolla, take a nap, then i pray solat musafir, around 3.30 we go to the departure, around 4.00 go into areoplane.

-beside nora is an Australian that went fo holliday at Karambunai. her name is Kyle from melbourne, a very nice person, a child care expert a nurse, I can't sleep mainly I can't bend my seat. At the back I have tourist that is so big poor them not very comfortable.
-at the same time was thinking about A...my sister says a BIG NO!!! well my heart does say so also...:(
-there must be a better girl for him...
-nora is sleeping.
-looking outside...the cloud is so beautiful, white and snowy, has different shapes and sizes.
-i feel likes to stay and fly forever (in a a plane of course), hahaha, and stay forever among the cloud.

Summary about KK

-"lots of seafood, lots of roundabouts, lots of hotels/inn/backpakers, lots of pearls, lots of salted fish, lots of crsytal, lots of food restaurant/stalls, lots of tourist, lots of spa and reflexology place, among the nicest people and unique. Well what i can say for 3D2N are not enough. next time I'll go go again"

-"thinking about "E"...i knwo what supposed to do, crsytal clear, obvious is it, though don't understand why he denied it well...he can't lied...arghh..go away..."

- the Captain said that the wheather is clear now Alhamdulillah.

-An empty space between clouds, the clouds looks like a cotton carpet from the plane.

-will be arriving at KL, take a bus towards KL Sentral n take LRT towards Taman Melati...^_^

me: next time may be editing with pictures...

updated: well A is engaged now, and going to get marry, n E now is married n have one child...Alhamdulillah praise to Allah, i am happy cause their are happy am glad that we are still friends until now...^_^

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