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Thursday, March 11, 2004


Physically fully into the partyshouting,
laughing and crying and that feeling hurts you,
makes you feel alone in a friendly crowd
they call your name but you don't care
you laugh a lot but find it difficultand finally it ends
but leaves you even more restless and empty
you pick the phone and make calls but doesn't help
you surf the net and go for chat but that irritates
now you go on the roadsfor an endless walk
which soon ends nowherepick a magazine and find this world strange
where is it moving or is it simply not??
time makes it worse for it knows only one direction
mind is simply out of control
but the pills take care of it
and the next morning it seems different
but with the same unidirectional time in the nondirectional world.

by oommiijee


Wanita sering diibaratkan sebagai bunga,
Bunga lahirnya melambangkan sesuatu yang cantik, indah, dan berseri,
Begitulah wanita…
Hadirnya Hawa mengisi kesunyian Adam,
Adanya wanita menjadi penyambung zuriat di maya pada.
Wanita solehah ibarat bunga yang berkembang mekar, harum dan bersinar…
Menjadi idaman sebagai penyeri suasana.
Wanita tholehah ( buruk akhlak ) ibarat bunga yang layu, kering dan tidak berseri,
Tiada siapapun yang sudi,
Kalau cantik pun ia ibarat bunga plastik yang tidak harum, kaku dan berdebu.
Wanita solehah zaman Rasulullah S.A.W. seperti Siti Khadijah, Siti Aisyah, Siti Fatimah, Sumaiyyah,
Asma’, dan lain²nya…
Telah meninggalkan kita
Dengan peribadi dan akhlak mulia mereka untuk dijadikan teladan dan contoh
Tugas kita kini sebagai wanita² akhir zaman…
Adalah untuk mengulangi sejarah yang telah mereka lalui
Islam hanya memberi 4 syarat untuk wanita menempah tiket ke Syurga iaitu :
Solat 5 waktu…
Puasa di bulan Ramadhan…
Taat pada suami…
Menjaga kehormatan dan maruah dirinya
Hanya wanita yang memiliki hati yang beriman dan bertaqwa mampu melaksanakannya,
Ganjarannya kelak akan ALLAH berikan di akhirat…

me: forwarded by a friend...^_^

Friday, March 05, 2004

Sweet Friend

Let's promise to always make time for each other,
even when we have lots of other things we have to do.

Let's always be there for each other,
in the good times and the bad.

Let's always share our laughter, tears, and emotions.
Let's promise to still be friends when we are 80,
and have just as much fun then as we do now.

I promise to be your friend forever !

 by (God Servants)

The Most Important Part

My mother used to ask me what is the most important part of the body. Through the years I would take a guess at what I thought was the correct answer.

Stumped again, I continued my quest for knowledge and over the years, Mother asked me a couple more times and always her answer was 'No, but you are getting smarter every year, my child.'
Then last year, my Grandpa died. Everybody was hurt. Everybody was crying. Even my father cried. My Mom looked at me when it was our turn to say our final good-bye to Grandpa. She asked me, 'Do you know the most important body part yet, my dear?'

I was shocked when she asked me this now. I always thought this was a game between her and me. She saw the confusion on my face and told me. 'This question is very important. It shows that you have really lived your life.

For every body part you gave me in the past, I have told you was wrong and I have given you an example why. But today is the day you need to learn this important lesson.

She looked down at me as only a mother can. I saw her eyes well up with tears. She said, 'My dear, the most important body part is your shoulder'

I asked, 'Is it because it holds up your head?' She replied, 'No, it is because it can hold the head of a friend or loved one when they cry.

Everybody, need a shoulder to cry on sometime in life, my dear. I only hope that you have enough love and friends that you will have a shoulder to cry on when you need it.'

Then and there I knew the most important body part is not a selfish one. It is sympathetic to the pain of others.
She looked at me and told me, 'You are learning fast, but the answer is not correct because there are many people who are blind.'
Several years passed before she asked me again. Since making my first attempt, I had contemplated the correct answer. So this time I told her, 'Mommy, sight is very important to everybody, so it must be our eyes.'
When I was younger, I thought sound was very important to us as humans, so I said, "My ears, Mommy." She said, 'No. Many people are deaf. But you keep thinking about it and I will ask you again soon.'


49 Romantic things to do 4 Your wife/husband.

"49 Romantic things to do 4 Your Lover"

1. Watch the sunset together.
2. Whisper to each other.
3. Cook for each other.
4. Walk in the rain.
5. Hold hands
6. Buy gifts for each other.
7. Roses.
8. Find out their favorite cologne/perfume and wear it every time you're together.
9. Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight.
10. Write poetry for each other.
11. Hugs are the universal medicine.
12. Say only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it.
13. Give random gifts of flowers/candy/poetry etc.
14. Tell her that she's the only girl you ever want. Don't lie!
15. Spend every second possible together.
16. Look into each other's eyes.
17. Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly.
18. When in public, only flirt with each other.
19. Put love notes in their pockets when they aren't looking.
20. Buy her a ring.
21. Sing to each other.
22. Always hold her around her hips/sides.
23. Take her to dinner and do the dinner for two deal.
24. Hold her hand, stare into her eyes, kiss her hand and then put it over your heart.
25. Dance together.
26. Do cute things like write I love you in a note so that they have to look in a mirror to read it.
27. Make excuses to call them every 5 minutes
28. Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say I love you.
29. Call from your vacation spot to tell them you were thinking about them.
30. Remember your dreams and tell her about them.
31. Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.
32. Be Prince Charming to her parents.
33. Brush her hair out of her face for her.
34. Hang out with his/her friends.
36. Pray together.
37. Take her to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she liked.
38. Learn from each other and don't make the same mistake twice.
39. Describe the joy you feel just to be with him/her.
40. Make sacrifices for each other.
41. Really love each other, or don't stay together.
42. Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren't thinking about them, and make sure they know it.
43. Love yourself before you love anyone else.
44. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages.
45. Dedicate songs to them on the radio.
46. Fall asleep on the phone with each other.
47. Stand up for them when someone talks trash.
48. Never forget the kiss goodnight and always remember to say, "Sweet dreams."

And 49. share with everyone as soon as possible...

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